Got Questions?

Here are a number of frequently-asked questions that we get:


How much personal time will it take?

In addition to weekly rehearsals throughout the year, there is one annual show in the fall. We also participate in a Sweet Adelines Region 4 competition in March or April each year, and some years we have a retreat filled with work on music and choreography.   We perform in and around our area several times per year for local churches, business events, and charitable events, as well as Christmas celebrations.


What is the cost?

There is a beginning cost of  $90 for the International membership fee, and there is a monthly dues cost of $20.  (A youth member, age 25 or younger, pays $45 for International membership and $10 monthly dues.)  Other costs may occur, including makeup and costume extras.  An annual cost happens in March or April, when we travel to our competition city for a two- or three-night hotel stay.  Currently that city is Lexington, KY.


What is the audition procedure?

A prospective member must attend three consecutive rehearsals before she is eligible to audition.  The prospective member may choose any song from the current repertoire for her audition, which will take place in private by the director and the section leaders.


Do I have to be a great singer?

No!  Sweet Adelines International is an educational organization, and River Magic Chorus will provide any help needed.  Anyone who can sing Happy Birthday can learn to sing with us!


How do I learn the songs?

It is not necessary to be able to read music; we learn most of our songs by learning tracks. Section leaders provide part rehearsals for learning purposes, also.





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